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Off-Road Vehicle Accidents Attorney Serving Mississippi

In Mississippi, residents and vacationers often use off-road vehicles such as dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) for transportation and recreation purposes. However, these off-road vehicles are not completely safe from accidents. Due to their high center of gravity and lack of seatbelts or safety cages, they can tip easily. A rider could be exposed to serious injuries. 

If you or someone close to you was hurt in an off-road vehicle accident caused by another person's negligence or recklessness, you may be eligible to pursue fair financial compensation for your injuries. The Stutzman Law Firm, PLLC, is dedicated to offering skilled legal guidance and compassionate representation to victims of off-road vehicle accidents and their loved ones. Attorney Ronald E. Stutzman, Jr. and his team can investigate all of the facts of your unique situation and explore your possible legal options to seek damages. As a knowledgeable Mississippi personal injury attorney, Ronald E. Stutzman, Jr. will fight vigorously to protect your rights and help you move forward during this challenging time. 

The Stutzman Law Firm, PLLC, is proud to serve clients across Flowood, Mississippi, and throughout the surrounding areas of Brandon, Richland, Pearl, Clinton, and Rankin Counties.

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Common Types of Off-Road Vehicle Accidents 

Here are some common types of off-road vehicle accidents: 

  • Accidents caused by another off-road vehicle driver's negligence 

  • Accidents caused by the negligence of the off-road vehicle driver or passengers 

  • Off-road vehicle accidents due to inadequate maintenance 

  • An injury or accident due to a defect with the off-road vehicle 

Common Causes of Accidents 

Some of the common causes of off-road vehicle accidents in Mississippi include: 

  • Taking illicit drugs or alcohol while driving 

  • Reckless driving or aggressive driving 

  • Allowing minors to operate the off-road vehicle 

  • Control, steering, or maneuver issues   

  • Defective equipment and components 

  • Defective repairs on the off-road vehicle 

  • Other forms of premises liability, such as poorly maintained trails and hidden hazards 

If you or a loved one was hurt in an off-road vehicle accident caused by a negligent party, you need to reach out to a skilled personal injury attorney immediately. Your lawyer can enlighten you about some Mississippi laws addressing off-road vehicles and determine the best way to proceed with your injury claim. 

Mississippi Laws Addressing Off-Road Vehicles 

Mississippi has enacted laws addressing the use, operation, or driving of off-road vehicles in the state: 

  • Operating off-road vehicles on public property is prohibited unless the operator has a valid driver’s license or has completed a state-certified ATV safety course. 

  • No ATVs may be operated on highways or public roads in Mississippi. 

  • Riders below 16 years of age are required to wear an ATV helmet approved by the DOT. 

  • All riders must attend an ATV safety course offered by the Mississippi State University Extension Service. 

Who Is Liable? 

When an off-road vehicle accident occurs, liability may be attributed to any of the following parties: 

Another Person's Negligence: When an off-road vehicle accident occurs due to the negligent, reckless, or wrongful action of another driver or person, or the failure of the park to warn riders, the at-fault party may be held responsible. 

Defective Product: The manufacturer or designer of the ATV or dirt bike may be held liable if the off-road vehicle accident occurred due to defective equipment or a defective component. 

Your Own Recklessness: If the dirt bike or ATV accident occurred due to your careless actions, lack of control, or attention, the Mississippi court might blame it on your own negligence or recklessness. In a situation like this, it may be difficult for you to pursue damages for your injuries. 

An experienced Mississippi off-road vehicle accident attorney can review the details of your case, identify the liable party, and help file your personal injury claim. 

Filing a Claim 

Mississippi is an at-fault insurance state. This means that the person who caused the accident (the at-fault party) will hold liability for injuries, damages, and accident-related losses sustained by the off-road vehicle accident victims. Here are your options to seek damages: 

  • If there is insurance involved, you can file a claim with your insurance company or the at-fault party's insurance provider. 

  • However, if there is no insurance, you may file a lawsuit against the at-fault party in civil court. 

A trusted attorney can walk you through the claims process and help you seek fair financial compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and other potential damages. 

Work With a Skilled Personal Injury Attorney 

Being hurt in a negligent off-road vehicle accident can be an emotional and unsettling experience. Such an accident can leave you with serious injuries, both physical and emotional. However, you don't have to suffer the financial liability and pain all by yourself. It is imperative that you hire a skilled personal injury attorney to help protect your rights and pursue deserved compensation. 

The Stutzman Law Firm, PLLC is devoted to offering experienced legal services to Mississippi residents in their personal injury cases. The claims process can be complex, which is why Ronald E. Stutzman, Jr. will fight compassionately for you every step of the way.

Off-Road Vehicle Accidents Attorney in Flowood, Mississippi 

If you or someone close to you was injured in a negligent off-road vehicle accident, you may be eligible to recover compensation for the pain you’ve experienced. Contact The Stutzman Law Firm, PLLC, today to schedule a simple case evaluation. Ronald E. Stutzman, Jr. can offer you the detailed legal counsel and reliable representation you need in your injury case. The firm proudly represents clients across Flowood, Brandon, Richland, Pearl, Clinton, Rankin County, and the rest of Mississippi.

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