How do I pick my lawyer?

Choosing a lawyer is an important decision. We always suggest to clients that they should be as comfortable with their lawyer as they are with their doctor. When choosing a lawyer, you should first make sure that the lawyer practices in the area in which you need his or her services. If the lawyer appears to practice in your area of need, and you are comfortable with him or her, that is who you should retain.

When would I need you as my lawyer?

This depends on the type of case that you have. Often, the sooner the better. This is particularly true in personal injury matters and is critical in car wrecks, 18 wheeler wrecks, or motorcycle wrecks.

Can I handle my own legal problems?

Strictly speaking, yes, you can. This is known as being a pro se litigant. This is not advisable. Often, you save yourself time and money by letting a professional handle your case. Think of it this way, how many times has a handyman had to hire an electrician or plumber to come correct their mistakes? How often would a better result have been obtained had the handyman hired the professional from the start? Almost every single time. The same can be said for hiring an attorney.

Can I change attorneys?

Yes, you can attorneys at any time. The type of arrangement you have with your attorney (contingency agreement, hourly based fee agreement, or a blended agreement) will determine how easily you can change attorneys; however, regardless of the type of arrangement you have with your attorney, you can always make a change.

What should my attorney expect from me?

Good communication. Often, when personal injury clients first engage an attorney's services, the client is still undergoing medical treatment. It is very important to keep your attorney up to date on your medical treatment. While it is not necessary to contact your attorney after every follow-up appointment, it is important to speak with him or her periodically to give updates on the progress of your treatment. It is especially important to contact your lawyer and let him or her know when you have completed treatment with any of your medical providers.

What should I expect when I hire an attorney?

Each case is different, and each case will be approached differently. Regardless of the approach needed to be taken, The Stutzman Law Firm will be with you every step of the way. When you hire The Stutzman Law Firm, the telephone calls from the insurance adjusters stop. We handle the telephone calls and the day-to-day aspects of your claim so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

What should I look for in an attorney?

Make sure that the attorney you are interested in hiring practices in the area in which you need his or her services. Just as you would not hire a heart doctor to perform surgery on your brain, you do not need to hire a bankruptcy lawyer to handle your personal injury claim.

How do you set your fees?

The Stutzman Law Firm handles personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not get paid unless we collect money for you. In addition, we front the expenses necessary to prosecute your case. Again, if we do not win for you, you do not owe us anything. Finally, we do not charge for initial consultations. It never costs you anything to discuss your case with us.

What do you specialize in?

Taylor, our ethical rules don't allow us to say that we specialize in an area without a bunch of disclaimers. Let's change the question to "What area of the law do you focus on?" The Stutzman Law Firm handles a variety of personal injury cases with a focus on car wrecks, 18-wheeler accidents, and motorcycle accidents.

Why do you focus on this area?

First, I enjoy this area of the law. When you genuinely enjoy what you do, it does not seem like work. Handling car accidents and other personal injury cases always present unique challenges and I enjoy meeting those challenges head on. Secondly, and most importantly, I've seen people get taken advantage of after an accident. I've been there myself. When I was finishing law school, I was involved in an accident and my insurance company tried to take advantage of me. I had the ability to fight back, but there are others who do not. I want to stand up for them and help them.

How much is my case worth?

It depends. We understand that no two cases are the same and handle each case uniquely. There are a variety of factors that can influence the value of a case. Generally speaking, the value of a case depends on the types of injuries suffered. The types of compensatory damages that are common in personal injury claims include: medical treatment, pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of future income, emotional distress, and property damage. The extent of these injuries impact the value of your case.

How much does a lawyer cost?

Lawsuits are handled in a variety of ways. Lawyers can be paid on an hourly basis, on a contingency fee basis, or a blending of the two. Personal injury lawsuits are traditionally handled on a contingency fee basis. When working under a contingency fee arrangement, the law firm advances all litigation costs and receives a portion of the funds recovered as payment. If no funds are recovered, the client owes nothing.

What if I can't afford legal representation up front?

Your case may be eligible to be handled on a contingency fee basis. This means that all costs of litigation are advanced by the law firm and the firm is paid a portion of the funds recovered for its services. There are no out of pocket expenses and if there is no recovery, you owe nothing.

Do I have to pay for my initial meeting with Stutzman Law Firm?

No. Initial consultations are free.

What type of cases does Stutzman Law Firm handle?

Stutzman Law Firm handles a variety of cases with a primary focus on automobile accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, and motorcycle accidents.