Between 2002 and 2015, many members of the United States Armed Forces were issued defective earplugs which were manufactured by 3M. These earplugs are called Dual-Ended Combat Arms Earplugs and are the yellow and black earplugs which were commonly seen in use throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. These earplugs were standard-issued equipment for soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2002 and 2015.

The U.S. Department of Justice conducted an investigation into these earplugs and determined that the ear plugs were too short for proper insertion into the users' ears. As a result, our service members were put at risk for hearing loss, impairment, and tinnitus.

Servicemen and women who were issued 3M Dual-Ended Combat Arms Earplugs during this time period may be eligible for significant compensation if they suffered military hearing loss, impairment and/or tinnitus. This is not an action against the federal government. Rather, all claims are being asserted against the manufacturer of the earplugs, 3M.

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